Our Company

We’re WholeFood Farmacy…


We Help People Live Healthier Lives!

We accomplish this by providing you, our customers, with great tasting whole foods, pure personal care products, and healing solutions ~ And finally, based on learnings from our wise ancestors, current research and our own experiences of what works and what doesn’t, we offer straight talk on what it takes to enjoy a healthy life with happiness, vitality, and longevity.

We provide a safe working environment

We make products that are Non-GMO & Gluten-Free

We make pure products that are free of additives, preservatives and other bad-for you chemicals

We provide straight talk on healthy living

We make handcrafted products that taste great

We make products that are safe to consume & use

We make eating healthy easy and convenient

We strive to make our customers happy

Giving Back

WholeFood Farmacy has committed to positively impacting millions of lives across the world, including right here in our own communities, by donating a percentage of every sale to those in need.