Weight Loss & Cleanses

Eating a healthy whole food diet and drinking plenty of water are two of the best ways to cleanse the body. The human body is capable of protecting itself naturally, but under conditions of a poor diet, toxicity, physical stress or emotional stress this ability can be severely impaired and prevent the body from removing unwanted extra weight. One way to remove these toxins and get back on track is by doing one of our cleanses. We offer individual cleanses for the seven systems of the body. They are AmpliPhi, BeautiPhi, ClariPhi, DetoxiPhi, FructiPhi, ElectriPhi and GloriPhi! You can also purchase these seven Superfood drinks in a complete weight loss & cleanse called Liquithon that is available in 3 or 13 day supply. This is an amazing way to reset the entire body! Lastly is out Tri-Decathlon Spice and Delux cleanse is our solid whole food cleanse that is eaten over the course of a 13 day period. All our cleanses are clean, whole food, organic and filler free. Reset your body today and start feeling your best!

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